Friday, 2 September 2011

The Top Accounting Firms In The US

This monster Big 4 Accounting Firm, located in New york, generates more than $25 Billion in revenue and has the most employees for any accounting firm in The United States. To learn more about this firm and the other large accounting institutions in The United States, check out this list of the top accounting firms in the U.S.
Ernst & Young
With over 140,000 employees at nearly 700 offices spread over close to 140 international locations, Ernst & Young is one of the largest and most recognizable accounting agency in the US and has an annual world-wide revenue in excess of $21 billion.
Situated in New York this 'Big 4' firm employs more than 163,000 people with more than 750 offices in 150 countries. With world-wide revenue of around $26 billion it is generally regarded as being one of the leaders among the top firms in the united states.
Although a member of the 'Big 4' and one of the biggest accounting businesses in the US, KPMG in fact has its international headquarters located in Amsterdam. Their profits exceed $20 million and employ upwards of 150,000 employees globally.
RSM/McGladrey & Pullen
These two companies are individual firms but work together to serve the overall company needs with their clients. RSM presents business and tax advice, while McGladrey & Pullen provides a full range of financial and accounting services. combined these giants have well over 100,000 employees in close to 100 offices.
Grant Thornton
Created in 1924 this Chicago-based firm offers 52 office buildings inside the US and it has its intercontinental headquarters in london. The firm concentrates on the construction and real estate markets.
CBIZ/Mayer Hoffman McCann
As with RSM/McGladrey & Pullen, these two separate organizations work together use a full range of accounting and consultation services. Combined, these two companies have more than 5,000 staff members and 180 US offices.
Formerly referred to as BDO Seidman, this Chicago-based firm has about 2,400 employees in The United States spread out over company 40 offices. It's largest clients include U-Haul as well as booksellers Barnes and Noble.
The 10 largest accounting and advisory organization in the US, BKD provides around 2,000 staff members spread across 29 offices. Launched in 1923, the particular firm has its headquarters in Springfield, Missouri.
Crowe Horwath
Also known as Crowe Chizek, the business has its HQ in Indianapolis and is part of the Horwath Interna

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